27 September, 2011

27th Sep. Training

9月27日 研修だぞ

This is the JICA training center in Hiroo. We have to take a training and medical checkup for 3 days in Tokyo after coming back to Japan.

The buildings in Japan (especially in Tokyo) are very high and are crowded.

I met a lot of volunteers who belong to the same group (21-2). I looked back upon my KTC (Komagane Training Center) life.

I gave No.344 YAMANEKO to Saki who was a Burkina Faso volunteer. When we went to our host country, she asked me to make the special YAMANEKO with an African drum. I completed it in January in 2010. Oh time really flies… Long time no see and thank you for waiting. This is your special YAMANEKO.

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