22 September, 2011

22nd Sep. The Last Day in Tonga

The Last Day in Tonga
9月22日 トンガ最後の日だぞ

I want to thank everyone I met in Tonga for all of their help and friendship over the last two years. I appreciate how all of you welcomed me to your country and I will never forget you or all of my wonderful memories I made here. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done for me. Please take care and I wish you all the best in the future. Also, thanks to my friends and family in Japan for all of your love and support you gave me while I was in Tonga. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in just a few short days!

In the morning, I gave No.335 YAMANEKO to Sachiko who is one of Ha’apai girls.

Her job is related to protection against disasters, so this YAMANEKO is putting on a hood for an earthquake. She has No.235 YAMANEKO.

I gave No.336 YAMANEKO to Miyuki who is the second Ha’apai girls. Though she has No.279 YAMANEKO “Kindergarten edition”, she wanted a normal edition YAMANEKO.
Kindergarten edition YAMANEKO

The last Ha’apai girls Kimika asked me to teach how to make her doll with clay. I taught her the basic. She made Taika who is Fuyuhiko’s dog. Fuyuhiko is in my group so he had to part from his dog Taika last week. He really misses Taika so Kimika made it and gave it to him.
 Ha’apai girls always have a great many requests to me.

Ha’apai girls and Manami, who is one of soroban girls in Vava’u, saw us off at the JICA dormitory.

I called on Miwa, who was my counterpart, to say thank you. I gave special edition YAMANEKO to her. I couldn’t put its serial number because it’s very special. She has No. 238 YAMANEKO.

This is the Girls’ Festival (on March 3) = Hina Doll YAMANEKO. It’s ceramic YAMANEKO burned by 800 fire.
 Thank you for your help, and please look after my replacement. See you again!

Around noon, I visited TIOE and left No.337 YAMANEKO.

Every time I visited teachers rooms,

I received gifts. Oh…my luggage is getting heavier, but I’m happy.

At CDU I gave No.333 YAMANEKO doll (abacus edition) to my counterpart Sefo. You have to work alone until my replacement comes, but you can do it. We call 3 “tolu” in Tongan language so we can call No. 333 tolu tolu tolu. Every time he sees this YAMANEKO, he can remember me and hopefully he can work efficiently as before.

I left No.338 YAMANEKO to my replacement Sakiko. We are supposed to meet at Narita Airport but I don’t want to increase her luggage so I decided to leave it in CDU. She will be able to meet to her YAMANEKO when she starts working.
 By the way, Sakiko is heavy reader of my blog. She read all of my articles (it amounts to more than 700). Great! Of course she knows YAMANEKO very well.

Following that, I called on Miki, who is now in the main education office. She used to be a CDU worker and we went to Niuafo’ou Island together. I gave No.339 YAMANEKO to her.

After that, I visited Tonga Side School and said thank you to Kepa who is a deputy principal and Miwa’s husband. We went to a kava party a lot.

By chance, I met Amelia and Alisi who were my students in TIOE last year. They are Tonga Side School teachers now. Thank you for learning abacus.

Finally, I visited CDU. We are mathematics members. Thank you for your kindness over the last 2 years. I hope I can come here again in the near future. The most miserable place when I leave was my workplace, CDU. Maybe mostly I was here, and I came to Tonga for Tongan people and an experience of my job, in addition I really enjoyed Tongan job.
 Until we meet again!

The usual sceneries will be my memories soon.

Around 2:30, I came back to my house and prepared for going back to Japan. This is a living room. Can you see the boss YAMANEKO? I left him in my house, because my replacement, Sakiko, wants it and she is supposed to live here.

This is a kitchen. I cooked a lot, compared with my Japanese life. Maybe I will not able to cook after I go back to Japan, because my Japanese life will be very busy immediately.

This is my bed room. I left a mosquito net for Sakiko.

These are extra bed rooms for visitor. My house is very big.
[Movie] My House 動画:(162 sec)


This is my normal bicycle. Although it had a great many troubles, it has worked well for 2 years. I will give it to Tevita who is the JICA dormitory’s security guard.

Around 3 o’clock, Paea, who is Miwa’s son and is the best friend of mine, called on me. He told me how to climb a coconut tree and how to drink a kava. I told him how to make YAMANEKO doll. I really miss him but I have to go back to Japan…
 He gave me a T-shirt of a kava picture and kava cups. I gave him the special edition YAMANEKO, ceramic abacus edition YAMANEKO.
By the way, he is the first Tongan YAMANEKO artist.

Around 5 o’clock, my landlord gave me food. It was the last Tongan food. Thank you for providing me with food many times. I will miss Tongan food.

After that, Hiko and his wife Noriko came to my house and they cleaned my house. I had a lot of things to do so it was a great help. Thank you so much.

I decided to leave my clothes for my landlord in return. Though these are second hand clothes, the quality is much higher than Tongan clothes.
  Around 8 o’clock PM, I said good-bye to my landlords and moved to the JICA dormitory. I was very sad. My usual life will be unusual. My landlords said, I can come back here anytime I want. Yes I will.

At the JICA dormitory, I gave No.340 YAMANEKO to Shigeko who is a new volunteer coordinator. Although she has just come to Tonga, she is really interested in YAMANEKO. Thank you for your help for 1 month.

I gave No.341 abacus edition YAMANEKO to Hirono. Though she has No.253 YAMANEKO, it was a normal edition. Since the other soroban girls have an abacus edition, I decided to make the abacus edition YAMANEKO for Hirono.

At 9 o’clock PM, we left Nuku’alofa (the JICA dormitory), and arrived at Fua’amotu International Airport at 9:30. I received a gift from tennis club members. Oh, it’s YAMANEKO racket.

I gave No.342 YAMANEKO to Ikumi who is a Japanese language teacher. She requested me to give her my last YAMANEKO in Tonga and it should be the special edition. This is exactly the last YAMANEKO which I gave in Tonga.
 Although I could not achieve my goal serial number 350, I stuck it out.
This is an abacus edition and the abacus shows the number 193. In Japanese we can read 193 as Ikumi.

A lot of volunteers, coordinators and national staff came to see us off. Thank you very much, I will never forget you. I wish all of you happiness in Tonga.

Bye-bye Tonga. Until we meet again!  Malo 'aupito. Toki sio!
   さようならトンガ また会う日まで!

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