05 September, 2011

5th Sep. Garlic Party

Garlic Party
9月5日 ニンニクパーティーだぞ

I went around to a lot of places before TIOE, Air New Zealand, main office, the wharf to go to ‘Eua tomorrow, JICA dormitory, market and so on.
 炊くさんの場所を廻りました。Air New Zealand, メインオフィス、エウアへ行く波止場、JICAドミトリー、マーケットなどです。

At TIOE, I didn’t do anything and instead Sefo did everything, because after I leave Sefo will have to teach alone until my replacement comes. He can do it.
[Movie]Combinations of 5動画:(31 sec)

After work, I called on Melissa and she corrected my blog. We could do it only an hour, because I had an appointment.
 I checked Taika’s appearance to complete an image of Taika YAMANEKO.

Around 6:30, our garlic party started at my house. I provided my special Mabo-tofu to them. Although I added only three whole bulbs of garlic, it was delicious. After Mabo-tofu, I made buckwheat noodles (soba). It was also delicious.

I gave No.308 YAMANEKO to Yuka, No.309 to Yousuke, No.310 to Akiko. Thank you for waiting.
 We had a very good garlic party.

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