15 September, 2011

15th Sep. The Last Diving in Tonga

The Last Diving in Tonga
9月15日 トンガ最後のダイビングたぞ

To upgrade the license, we need to complete 5 contents. Deep Diving, Boat Diving, Night Diving, Underwater Photograph and Underwater Navigation.

Thanks to the instructor’s advice, I improved my camera technique.

After 2 dives, I managed to pass the license course. Thank you for teaching. Yet, I have still home work which I need to fill in the blank before I leave Tonga.
 Anyway, I enjoyed the license course.

Though I was so tired, I visited GPS Pangai. Tupou was teaching as usual. By chance, I met Saitoni, whom I expect to go to Japan next year.

I gave No.314 YAMANEKO to Saitoni. When you come to Japan, please bring it.

I received a lot of gifts from teachers and students. Thank you so much. They are one of the expert level students in Ha’apai. It’s sure they will come to Tongatapu National Competition next March and will get a lot of medals. Keep trying!

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