08 October, 2010

8th Oct. I met a lot of acquaintances.

I met a lot of acquaintances.
10月8日 たくさんの人に会ったぞ

Before CDU, I met Kouichi’s friend, Kasumi, who is working in Fiji as a JICA volunteer. She came to Tonga last week, and had been in Ha’apai until yesterday.
 I gave No.255 YAMANEKO doll to her. Congratulations you’re one of the YAMANEKO holders.

At CDU, I gave No.256 YAMANEKO doll to Emi, who is an aerobics volunteer in Vava’u. She went on a trip to Sydney and brought back a garlic press for me. Thank you! I forgot to pay money for her. I am sorry I will pay it tomorrow.

This garlic press is made of steel, of course it is very strong!

This is a previous garlic press, which is made of plastic. Once it was broken and I fixed it. It passed the baton to the steel one. Thank you for your hard work.
 これは以前のニンニク潰し器。プラスティックで出来ております。一旦潰れて、修理しました。鋼鉄のニンニク潰し器にバトンを渡しました。 よく働いてくれました。

By the way, CDU worker Moti has No.175 YAMANEKO doll as well.

I counted how many gifts we have in CDU. We are supposed to give them out at the abacus competition. There are 500 erasers and more than 1300 pencils.

At 2 o’clock, I taught abacus to Noah and Cecile. Noah is Israeli and Cecile is French. Perhaps it’s my first time to speak with an Israeli and a Frenchwoman; of course it’s very rare to meet people from these countries, so I am happy to make friends with them. They will come to my abacus lesson every week from now on. I am very excited.

After work, I visited the JICA dormitory to meet Shouko. She cut my hair, and her skill is pretty good. Malo aupito.

At night, I fixed a flat tire. The fast bicycle ran over a small wire. There are lots of small wires on the Tongan roads.

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