22 October, 2010

22nd Oct. The Abacus Competition in Vava’u.

The Abacus Competition in Vava’u.
10月22日 ババウのそろばん大会だぞ~ 

Nearly 300 students came together at Fakamelino hall in Neiafu city. It seemed to be the first time such a big competition was held..

Before the competition, I received a lot of requests and questions from Vava’u teachers. It means Vava’u teachers and students are very interested in the competition so I am very happy.
 There were 3 subjects, Written problem(Multiplication, Division, and Addition&Subtraction ) , Oral problem (Read out the number), and Flash (Watch the number on the PC projector screen, and add it.).
The moving image is of the Oral problem.
3つの種目がありました。総合問題(かけ算、わり算、見取り算+-)、読み上げ算、 フラッシュ(プロジェクターのスクリーンに数字が出て、それを足す)。
[Moving image] Oral problem動画:(9sec.)

Teachers also participated in the competition as contestants. They are eagerly using their abacus.
[Moving image] 動画:teachers(10sec.)

During the closing ceremony, Pungatoa, who is the school’s officer, took charge of prize giving. He was on a leave but he was still working a lot for the competition, thank you so much.
[Moving image] Prize giving動画:(13sec.)

Vava’u teachers, especially GPS Neiafu, helped me a lot. Next time, they can run the competition without a volunteer I think.

It took 6 hours to run the competition. It was very long, but staff were making an effort until the end. I really appreciate their attitude. Thanks to their help, Vava’u kids were excited.
 Hopefully they continue to practice after the competition. Anyway, we had a very good time in Vava’u. 

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