29 October, 2010

29th Oct. The abacus competition in Ha’apai

The abacus competition in Ha’apai
10月29日 ハアパイそろばん大会だぞ

At 9 o’clock, the Ha’apai abacus competition started at GPS Pangai. Class 3, 4 and 5 students can participate in the competition, and about 250 participants came together from 5 government primary schools in the Ha’apai main islands.
[Moving image] Written problem動画:(6 sec.)

This is Saane, who is a class 5 student in GPS Pangai, she went to Japan to participate in the Japanese abacus camp last year with her mother, Aloisia. She puts numbers on her abacus by her left hand, which is rare in Japan. Anyway, she is very good at abacus.
[Moving image] Saane abacus動画:(21sec.)

When we came to the “Oral problem” I took charge of judgment. When students made a mistake I had to decide their rank immediately. A lot of teachers helped me, thank you very much.

In Ha’apai, teachers have to participate in the competition same as Vava’u. All teachers did well.

Before the closing ceremony, suddenly the school’s officer, Vai, asked me to show them my abacus technique.

I showed “Flash problem” skill the students did this time. I tried 3-digit calculation. Five 3-digit numbers appear and disappear in order on the screen, and I calculated the amount then I succeeded every time. Maybe all of the students were pleased, because they did 1-digit calculation today.
[Moving image] Flash problem動画:(15sec.)

During the prize giving, 23 participants were given prizes in each class, (class 3, 4 and 5), and in each subject (Written problem, Oral problem, Flash problem). The number of the gifts amounted to more than 200, we prepared a lot, especially wrapping, so it was hard work for us. This way, many students could get the gifts, so I think it’s good. Saane, who is in the right side in the picture, got 3 gold medals.

Finally I took a photo. From the left in the back row, Lilio(GPS Hihiho and Oli’s daughter), Tupou, Sulia (Principal of GPS Pangai) and Aloisia. From the left in the front row, Hirono, Miwa, Torojiro and school’s officer Oli. Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate your help. Malo ‘aupito.
  The Ha’apai competition was pretty good!
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22 October, 2010

22nd Oct. The Abacus Competition in Vava’u.

The Abacus Competition in Vava’u.
10月22日 ババウのそろばん大会だぞ~ 

Nearly 300 students came together at Fakamelino hall in Neiafu city. It seemed to be the first time such a big competition was held..

Before the competition, I received a lot of requests and questions from Vava’u teachers. It means Vava’u teachers and students are very interested in the competition so I am very happy.
 There were 3 subjects, Written problem(Multiplication, Division, and Addition&Subtraction ) , Oral problem (Read out the number), and Flash (Watch the number on the PC projector screen, and add it.).
The moving image is of the Oral problem.
3つの種目がありました。総合問題(かけ算、わり算、見取り算+-)、読み上げ算、 フラッシュ(プロジェクターのスクリーンに数字が出て、それを足す)。
[Moving image] Oral problem動画:(9sec.)

Teachers also participated in the competition as contestants. They are eagerly using their abacus.
[Moving image] 動画:teachers(10sec.)

During the closing ceremony, Pungatoa, who is the school’s officer, took charge of prize giving. He was on a leave but he was still working a lot for the competition, thank you so much.
[Moving image] Prize giving動画:(13sec.)

Vava’u teachers, especially GPS Neiafu, helped me a lot. Next time, they can run the competition without a volunteer I think.

It took 6 hours to run the competition. It was very long, but staff were making an effort until the end. I really appreciate their attitude. Thanks to their help, Vava’u kids were excited.
 Hopefully they continue to practice after the competition. Anyway, we had a very good time in Vava’u. 

08 October, 2010

8th Oct. I met a lot of acquaintances.

I met a lot of acquaintances.
10月8日 たくさんの人に会ったぞ

Before CDU, I met Kouichi’s friend, Kasumi, who is working in Fiji as a JICA volunteer. She came to Tonga last week, and had been in Ha’apai until yesterday.
 I gave No.255 YAMANEKO doll to her. Congratulations you’re one of the YAMANEKO holders.

At CDU, I gave No.256 YAMANEKO doll to Emi, who is an aerobics volunteer in Vava’u. She went on a trip to Sydney and brought back a garlic press for me. Thank you! I forgot to pay money for her. I am sorry I will pay it tomorrow.

This garlic press is made of steel, of course it is very strong!

This is a previous garlic press, which is made of plastic. Once it was broken and I fixed it. It passed the baton to the steel one. Thank you for your hard work.
 これは以前のニンニク潰し器。プラスティックで出来ております。一旦潰れて、修理しました。鋼鉄のニンニク潰し器にバトンを渡しました。 よく働いてくれました。

By the way, CDU worker Moti has No.175 YAMANEKO doll as well.

I counted how many gifts we have in CDU. We are supposed to give them out at the abacus competition. There are 500 erasers and more than 1300 pencils.

At 2 o’clock, I taught abacus to Noah and Cecile. Noah is Israeli and Cecile is French. Perhaps it’s my first time to speak with an Israeli and a Frenchwoman; of course it’s very rare to meet people from these countries, so I am happy to make friends with them. They will come to my abacus lesson every week from now on. I am very excited.

After work, I visited the JICA dormitory to meet Shouko. She cut my hair, and her skill is pretty good. Malo aupito.

At night, I fixed a flat tire. The fast bicycle ran over a small wire. There are lots of small wires on the Tongan roads.